The Shepherd Wines

Our wines take their name from the rich, pastoral history of the Carneros region where the grapes are grown. Historically, the Carneros area of Napa Valley was not known for its grapes. Prior to the 1960s, the bucolic hills of Carneros were dotted with sheep and cattle ranches, hence the name "Los Carneros," a Spanish term which translates as "The Rams."

A handful of pioneers and adventurers began experimenting with various farming techniques and tended to the land with passion and dedication. Upon realizing the potential of the beautiful grapes that could be produced in this region, a new AVA was born. The cool climate, unique soils, and rolling hills create balanced, nuanced wines that tell the story of Carneros.

We chose the name "The Shepherd" in honor of the land's history and our family's many generations in agriculture.

We currently produce two wines under The Shepherd label: a Sauvignon Blanc and our Estate Red. Both are made from grapes grown on the estate in the north east corner of Carneros in the Napa Valley.